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In The Media

ShorePoint CEO Matt Brown Talks TikTok Ban on FOX 5 DC

Amidst the ongoing concerns about cybersecurity and data privacy, the House recently passed a bill that would ban TikTok nationwide. As of this writing, the bill is with the Senate for a vote. To discuss the national security risks and implications associated with the popular video app, Matt Brown, CEO of ShorePoint, appeared live on FOX 5’s On the Hill on Sunday, March 17.

“[TikTok] has algorithms that are encrypted, that they say are to protect the proprietary information collected on TikTok, but it’s unclear what they are actually doing on the back end,” said Brown. “From a security perspective, you really have to trust the governance of the company and the nation, and we’ve seen some precedence with the nation of China in how they leverage technology against [the U.S.] that doesn’t bode well for maintaining that presence.”

Brown went on to emphasize how the app collects a “tremendous amount of data,” about people, buying habits, financial information, geo location, and more, all of which could be used for intelligence gathering, when paired with microphone and camera permissions in the app.

For more insights, watch the full interview:

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