Cyber Resilience for
Complex Ecosystems

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Security Operations

High-performing Security Ecosystems

Continuous enhancements improving context-driven response and recovery

For cyber defenders, it’s a tough environment. Threats are increasing. The attack surface is expanding. Technology is evolving. And competing Federal mandates just keep coming. Whatever your SOC looks like today, there is plenty more to do.

We ensure security monitoring and response capabilities evolve ahead of the dynamic threat landscape by integrating the context of adversary TTPs and threat intel into use case-driven, automated detection and response functions. We prioritize emerging cyber defense capabilities that address these trending risks and position your teams to proactively disrupt the adversary.

We Meet You Where You Are

In our ever-evolving threat environment, there are many moving parts to align your operations for high performance. Whether you’re working to identify and model threats, enhance a system or data set, prepare to move your entire SOC, or to optimize your program, our team of experts supports your next steps.

Automation for Efficiencies

Vulnerability management and assessment is a slog. Day in, day out identification, evaluation, treatment, reporting, and risk assessment of vulnerabilities. All these tasks are tedious — and essential.

Especially now, with so many options available to us, ShorePoint can introduce automation that lowers the level of effort or labor needed to improve your SOC efficiency. We understand which data, and what level of data, analysts need to make their work as efficient as possible. Our approach up-levels the efficacy of your analysts to improve performance and cyber resilience in an operating environment where resources and available talent are notoriously limited.

Connections and Context, For a Fast Response

A high-performing SOC supports analysts, incident responders, and response mechanisms with timely, relevant security insights — and tools to react quickly.

We shrink your timelines by connecting and protecting your environment as an ecosystem. Operating, monitoring, and maintaining your security infrastructure. And helping you get the most from your data. Much of the security data visualization, enrichment, and correlation can be automated, providing essential context right away.

Only ShorePoint

Within one agency, we automated triage processes that reduced initial investigation and escalation timelines to save 20 minutes per event. With an average of 8 to 10 events per day, this resulted in a time savings of roughly 2 working days per week for the analysts. For another agency, our support has driven directly demonstrable results such as helping them achieve an “A” grade in the Cybersecurity component of FITARA Scorecard 15 — one of only 2 agencies to receive such a grade.

Security Operations Center Capabilities