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Zero Trust Strategy & Implementation Services

Priorities Driven Through the Lens of Operational Use Cases

Focused Stakeholder Engagement and PMO Coordination

Zero Trust is not just one person’s job or one team’s focus. It benefits from an overarching Program Management Office (PMO) approach to ensure comprehensive coordination across the agency stakeholder community. That’s why we bring a robust PMO capability in delivering high-value ZTA guidance and support that is coordinated and integrated into agency modernization initiatives and mission operating requirements. We work closely with multiple stakeholders to understand priorities, insights, and concerns — and establish a common vision of success. Throughout the Zero Trust journey, we collaborate to implement capabilities important to each part of the organization, driving maturity without disrupting mission performance.

An Agile, Modular Approach to Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) Implementation

Getting to Zero Trust is a complex, multi-year initiative. Guided by the principles of agile delivery, our modular, iterative approach to Zero Trust adds prioritized capabilities, first. So, you iteratively enhance cybersecurity, compliance, and operational value — even as the cyber landscape changes around us.

We align to CISA-guided ZTA maturity models, driving enhancements across pillars and cross-cutting capabilities. We don’t simply implement a collection of capabilities across Zero Trust pillars. We establish context-informed security protections by integrating capabilities across pillars to tailor authorizations for systems, data, and applications based on operational use cases.

We establish trend-informed resilience by monitoring the efficacy of the policy decision and enforcement points throughout your system and application enterprise. This enables modeling of AI/ML capabilities to maximize automation and establish a dynamically adaptable trust algorithm across application use cases.

Unique ZTA Control Overlay Aligns Risk Management and Cyber Resilience Priorities

ShorePoint’s proprietary ZTA Control Overlay aligns cyber resilience and risk management strategies to ensure agencies identify and prioritize system-tailored capabilities and controls that maximize the impact of security investments. We provide documented connectivity between ZTA maturity initiatives and tangential regulatory and best practice guidance (including applicable OMB memoranda, CISA Binding Operational Directives, and NIST guidance). This provides objective and high-value decision-support documentation to leadership to prioritize ZTA initiatives in the context of both system-specific and enterprise risk profiles.

Tailored and Actionable Perspective

Zero Trust mandates apply broadly across government agencies. But each mission is different and driven by bespoke operating requirements. Every environment is unique. Your ZTA must be tailored to prevent cyber adversaries from moving laterally within your network to access your most important assets.

Through the lens of a cyber adversary, we understand your network and the most highly valued assets and data. We map evolving tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and their applicability to exploiting that critical data. Results from our Adversary Emulation services inform your Zero Trust strategy and timelines. Together, we prioritize and protect your critical systems and data, so malicious actors don’t get there first.

Mission-Focused Zero Trust

Whether your initial focus is on one system, one pillar, or multiple systems and pillars, our team of certified Zero Trust experts bring best practices, lessons learned, and artifacts built from supporting agencies across education, healthcare, research, finance, and law enforcement missions. We work with you to fundamentally change your security architecture in a way that enables your team to better and more securely execute the mission to deliver citizen services.

Only ShorePoint

To date, ShorePoint is the only cybersecurity company that has delivered enterprise Zero Trust capabilities through a focused Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) Program. We apply rigor to help our customers exceed target milestones, accelerate their Zero Trust journey, and provide demonstrable value delivered for every dollar spent.

Zero Trust Capabilities: