Cyber Resilience for
Complex Ecosystems

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Security Architecture & Engineering

Dynamic Connections

To Flexibly Secure Your Environment

Maximize the value of your security investments by optimizing integrations and configurations of your security tool stack. The right security tools must be in the right place, optimally configured, and well-integrated to maximize your agency’s ability to identify, triage, correlate, investigate, and remediate cyber events.

ShorePoint connects and optimizes your security systems and tools, so your team has the information they need, when they need it, to efficiently identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from cyber incidents.

Building Blocks for a Secure Environment

We start with assessments. What are the specific threats to your environment? What tools do you have? Are there gaps in monitoring or response? Where is your data? Which systems and services are bypassing security? How well are you complying with government mandates and other authoritative guidance? Is there a better approach or set of technical capabilities? We apply our proprietary, customer-driven Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) to answer these questions.

ShorePoint’s security architecture and engineering (SAE) solutions access and enrich your data, leveraging automation whenever possible. We ensure effective security controls are system-tailored and layered across the enterprise to enable effective risk management, visibility, and response actions. Together, we systematically uncover and connect your data, giving you visibility, context, and insights to inform actions that secure your environment.

Modern Development, Testing, and Deployment

Modernization isn’t a one-time move to upgrade legacy systems. It encompasses continuous adoption of innovative technologies, processes, and best practices to position your systems and programs for cyber resilience.

For example, ShorePoint’s application security testing capabilities exist within static and dynamic code testing, providing security and vulnerability assessments within the software development process. We also provide container security assessments for customers leveraging these modernized development and deployment techniques. 

Dynamic Solutions

Despite constantly changing adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures; evolving mandates; and emerging technologies; our SAE solutions are built to dynamically adapt to your new conditions. So you can focus optimization over time.

Only ShorePoint

ShorePoint consistently applies our tool- and deployment-agnostic Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) approach to deliver objective, quantifiable security architecture and control strategies aligned to agency mission and operating requirements. We have effectively closed agency security capability gaps to address requirements from Secure Configuration Baselines to Zero Trust Architecture capability implementations — all in context of agency operational needs.

Security Architecture & Engineering Capabilities