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Case Studies

Transforming, Future-Proofing Cybersecurity for a Federal Agency

Background and Challenge

In October 2020, ShorePoint was engaged by a large federal agency to design and implement enhancements to an enterprise vulnerability management program. ShorePoint teams were tasked with re-engineering and optimizing vulnerability scanning across network, application and database assets across thousands of endpoints in a complex IT environment.

The agency’s challenge was to deploy effective and comprehensive vulnerability scanning in a continuous manner, while adhering to federal best practices. The platform was also required to integrate with a massive cyber data lake to aggregate relevant security information into a centralized reporting capability – enabling dashboard tailoring based on various stakeholder needs. The goal: To help the agency achieve data dominance by providing actionable data to agency leaders and ensure seamless integration with a larger, government-wide cybersecurity initiative.

Solution and Benefits

ShorePoint engaged in a collaborative partnership with agency stakeholders and other cyber and IT providers in a multi-vendor environment. While modernizing monitoring capabilities with the latest tools and capabilities for the client and its end-users, ShorePoint is also providing near real-time visibility across the enterprise to inform mitigation actions and/or identify gaps in capabilities.

As part of the process, ShorePoint experts are continuously learning and building relationships across teams, ensuring that ShorePoint’s work is effectively supporting the customer’s overall mission. Utilizing Agile delivery methodologies, ShorePoint and its project partners are developing/integrating vital system components in parallel while progressing through the phases of system expansion, optimization and ultimately – transformation.

To future-proof agency capabilities, ShorePoint also conducts ongoing analysis of alternatives that may provide the best solutions for the future, exploring mature technologies and established companies as well as emerging, leading-edge solutions.

Moving Forward

Nearly one year into a four-year contract, ShorePoint continues to expand and optimize the organization’s vulnerability management capabilities, identifying gaps in the environment and ensuring proper coverage and reporting. In upcoming project phases, ShorePoint will deploy additional solutions that will further transform and modernize the agency’s scanning environment.