ShorePoint is trusted by government agencies and large-scale corporations to provide expert counsel and applying proven best practices to help guide cybersecurity strategies that are in lockstep with IT modernization. The shift to cloud-based IT service delivery models (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) combined with the rise of mission/business-specific agile application development and the evolving use of enabling platforms, like containers, requires a different set of security capabilities than those associated with traditional on-prem enterprises.

ShorePoint helps customers navigate the security control requirements between on-prem, cloud, and hybrid computing models to ensure data is protected appropriately and compliance is maintained.

The rise of mobility, user-access requirements and the elimination of the traditional network boundary brings acute focus on Identity and the need for Zero Trust architectures to be implemented into production. ShorePoint provides a technology agnostic approach to deploying multiple use case options to achieve true Zero Trust operations for mission and business systems.

Increasingly, modernization initiatives are centered around agency and commercial “High Value Assets” (HVAs). HVAs house the critical functionality and sensitive data that drives the mission and execution of commercial and public sector entities. ShorePoint drives integrated and comprehensive HVA security strategies that properly protect these resources through the modernization process and across their full lifecycle.

Areas of focus include:

  • SOC Operations
  • Security Architecture and Engineering
  • Threat Modeling
  • Hunt Operations
  • Incident Response
  • Forensics
  • Reverse Engineering/Malware Analysis
  • Orchestration
  • Security Compliance
  • Penetration Testing/Adversary Emulation
  • Vulnerability Management
  • High Value Asset Security Assessment and Architecture Support