Our Mission

ShorePoint believes that cybersecurity is the challenge of our generation. Our world is more interconnected than ever with nearly every key component of our global economy and daily lives connected to the digital domain. Failure to properly secure and protect our networks, technologies and data can have catastrophic consequences to our federal government, national security, corporate missions, customer and consumer confidence, economy, and personal lives. Technology has contributed greatly to our advanced way of living but it has also created an almost never-ending attack surface. The cybersecurity mission must now account for well-funded nation states, terrorist organizations, criminals, hackers, insiders, and other actors with negative intentions. Each of these actors has a different motivation and technique for taking advantage of the cyber domain to include ransomware, disruption of service, theft of corporate intellectual property, social and political change, exposing secrets, public humiliation, financial greed, and in some cases, just plain curiosity about what is accessible.

ShorePoint was formed to tackle this challenge. With a vast and intimate knowledge of trends and barriers, we have a significant role to play helping our customers focus resources on the areas that deliver the greatest return in protecting information and reducing risk. Our team brings perspective from the federal and commercial areas of the cyber problem – creating a company approach and culture that is well-informed by experience, market knowledge, relationships, and lessons learned.