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Press Release

A Bit Less Vulnerable

A D.C. cybersecurity firm that caters to federal agencies has seen demand and headcount actually expand in this era of increased telework. But that carries its own challenges.

By Carten Cordell, Staff Reporter
May 27, 2020

For Matt Brown, the threat of the novel coronavirus first emerged in late January.

The CEO of ShorePoint Inc., a D.C. cybersecurity services company, was preparing to take a small team to the RSA IT security conference in San Francisco the next month for business meetings when rumblings emerged that some were forgoing the cybersecurity event for fear they might be exposed to a mysterious disease escalating in China.

“I would say that’s when it kind of came on our radar, mid- to late January,” Brown says. “As we got closer to that conference, the news started to become more and more top of mind that this was going to be in the United States. But it wasn’t top of mind for us to start making contingency plans.”

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