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Continuous Diagnostics &
Mitigation (CDM)

CDM is a historic endeavor to implement automated security capabilities across all federal civilian Department and Agencies. ShorePoint has the expertise to help navigate the program framework and proactively enhance your cyber posture through a risk-informed approach to prioritizing cyber investments and initiatives.

Make CDM work for you
ShorePoint Inc Advisory Services

Advisory Services

ShorePoint’s seasoned cyber professionals have held executive level cyber positions across multiple industries both in the private and public sector. We bring demonstrated experience providing guidance to CISO’s, CIO’s, and industry executives in implementing and executing strategic initiatives to increase cyber visibility and provide analytics and context to decision making.

Mature your cyber program capabilities

Security Operations

ShorePoint assists organizations with developing, implementing, and maintaining the technologies, methodologies, and processes to defend against targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats. Federal agencies are the target of numerous advanced persistent threats and addressing these threats requires a broad base of expertise and knowledge to protect the Agency’s data, resources, and personnel.

Protect your critical data and assets

Security Compliance

Defending against today’s cyber threat landscape requires a proactive real-time approach to managing risk. Too often, organizations are driven to make cyber investments that implement ad hoc controls in a reactive manner or in response to an ever-evolving set of standards that may lack clear guidance on hoe to prioritize these controls to address the most critical and prominent threats.

Effectively manage your risk


ShorePoint provides expert counsel applying proven best practices to help guide today’s enterprise IT and cybersecurity transformation initiatives—cloud migrations and adoption of zero trust models—for government agencies and large-scale corporations alike.

Align Your IT and Cybersecurity Modernization Objectives

Integrated Frameworks

  • Visibility

    If your adversary knows more about your network than you do, you have already lost.

    Knowing what to defend is as important as knowing how it is defended. Defending your data begins with a deep understanding of what it is that you are actually protecting and the ability to gather critical information across your entire business and technology landscape. As simple as this sounds, all too often visibility across one’s business architecture is obscured from the start or degrades naturally over time. As organizations embark on modernization of infrastructure and application architectures, there are significant opportunities to gain the necessary visibility.

  • Analytics

    Now that you have the data, how do you make it work for you?

    In today’s world of data driven networks, a move to automation, open integration in technologies, and machine learning provide overwhelming information on what is happening within the enterprise. But in that avalanche of data, it is critical to quickly determine what is happening on your infrastructure. ShorePoint's methodology enables our customers to translate technological information to specific actions to protect their data and assets.

  • Context

    Great data informs great decisions when full context is applied.

    The context is just as important as the situation itself. Understanding what's happening in proper context helps determine the tactical and strategic decisions that need to be made. Every day, our decisions, significant or not, are made utilizing varying amounts of data. We gather, group and analyze that data and build the necessary situational context to make the best and most informed decision possible. As we secure our organizations, a comprehensive data set (visibility) and the ability to group and analyze multiple data sources (analytics), are the critical building blocks to increased maturity and effectiveness in overall risk reduction.

    How do evolving compliance frameworks impact the organization? How do emerging technologies and applications affect the organization? How does the organization's industry relate to the security posture needed to counteract threats? ShorePoint brings broad experience across both the public and private sector to provide context to the cyber and business decisions facing your organization.

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