Our mission first, risk-based approach to cybersecurity incorporates an integrated set of modular service offerings that, when combined, provide a comprehensive and adaptable cybersecurity architecture that evolves with your organization.
ShorePoint's approach to the cybersecurity challenge is based on three core tenets: Visibility, Analytics, and Context.

Integrated Frameworks

  • Visibility

    If your adversary knows more about your network than you do, you have already lost.

    Defending your data begins with a deep understanding of what it is that you are actually protecting and the ability to gather critical information across your entire business and technology landscape. As organizations embark on modernization of infrastructure and application architectures, ShorePoint can help you gain enterprise-wide visibility.

  • Analytics

    Now that you have the data, how do you make it work for you?

    ShorePoint's methodology enables our customers to translate technological information to specific actions to protect their data and assets.

  • Context

    Great data informs great decisions when full context is applied.

    As we secure our organizations, a comprehensive data set (visibility) and the ability to group and analyze multiple data sources (analytics), are the critical building blocks to increased maturity and effectiveness in overall risk reduction. ShorePoint brings broad experience across both the public and private sector to provide context to the cyber and business decisions facing your organization.

Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation (CDM)

ShorePoint brings unmatched experience and knowledge of the $6B DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program. CDM is a historic endeavor to implement automated security capabilities across all federal civilian Departments and Agencies. CDM is as complex as it is ambitious – but it holds the keys to accelerated cyber innovations for Agencies that know how to leverage the Program and maximize its offerings. ShorePoint navigates the CDM journey to ensure Agencies achieve tangible and exceptional value for their cyber mission.

Make CDM work for you

Data Analytics & Digital Transformation

ShorePoint is a leader delivering Elasticsearch services – a pervasive open-source based data aggregation, analytics and modeling platform used by commercial and public sector environments to improve risk-based decisions and priorities. As CDM transitions to a dashboard ecosystem based on Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana, ShorePoint has deep ELK knowledge and capabilities.

Understand how Elasticsearch can enhance your broader cybersecurity posture

Cybersecurity for IT Modernization

Expert counsel applying proven best practices to help guide today’s enterprise IT and cybersecurity transformation initiatives – cloud migrations, adoption of Zero Trust models, transitions to big data platforms – for government agencies and large-scale corporations alike.

Align your IT and cybersecurity modernization objectives

Security Operations

ShorePoint assists organizations with developing, implementing, and maintaining the methodologies, technologies, and processes to manage the current cyber threat landscape. Federal agencies are the target of numerous advanced persistent threats and addressing these threats requires a broad base of expertise and knowledge to protect data, resources, and personnel.

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Security Compliance

ShorePoint defends against cyber threats by using a proactive real-time approach to managing risk. Too often, organizations are driven to make cyber investments that implement ad hoc controls in a reactive manner or in response to an ever-evolving set of standards that may lack clear guidance on how to prioritize those controls to address the most critical and prominent threats. In these scenarios, Risk Management has deviated from its purest meaning – making informed, predictive risk-based decisions.

Compliance made simple

Advisory Services

ShorePoint improves our customer’s operations across all aspects of cybersecurity with consulting services.

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