Defending against today’s cyber threat landscape requires a proactive real-time approach to managing risk. Too often, organizations are driven to make cyber investments that implement ad hoc controls in a reactive manner or in response to an ever-evolving set of standards that may lack clear guidance on how to prioritize those controls to address the most critical and prominent threats. In these scenarios, Risk Management has deviated from its purest meaning – making informed, predictive risk-based decisions.

To effectively manage risk, organizations must have the ability to forecast and model events (visibility, analytics, and context) based upon an aggregation and correlation of data through key risk indicators that align with mission objectives. This transforms the Agency to a more risk aware organization that can quickly and effectively identify and address risk.

ShorePoint’s Cyber Risk Management implements the right risk management processes, governance structure, and key risk indicators tailored to our customer’s environment. Our approach provides actionable risk intelligence to make informed risk management decisions that yield the greatest return for risk reduction.

Our Cyber Risk Management Programs align to NIST’s Risk Management Framework providing a repeatable and sustainable method for identifying, assessing, remediating, mitigating, and reporting risks to the critical stakeholders within an organization. We also bring proven experience implementing the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) across our customers to ensure proper integration into all aspects of a Cyber Security Program.

ShorePoint’s security compliance capabilities cover:

          • Control Framework Implementation/Advisement
          • ISSO Support
          • Security Authorization
          • Security Assessment / Blue Team Red Team
          • Policy Development and Implementation
          • Process Development