ShorePoint brings unmatched experience and knowledge of the $6B DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program. CDM is a historic endeavor to implement automated security capabilities across all federal civilian Departments and Agencies. CDM is as complex as it is ambitious. Security technologies are built and managed for specific purposes, utilized to implement various capabilities to identify what’s on the network, who’s on the network, and to see what’s happening on the network in near real time.

For as many answers as CDM provides, it also presents a complicated set of questions based on the stakeholder. How do technologies map to capabilities? How and when do I plan my strategic plan around an unknown deployment of technology? How does CDM affect my budget? How do I plan my organization structure to adjust the roles and responsibilities of my security team? How do I adjust my compliance reporting from the current FISMA processes to a compliance structure focused on Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation? What are my gaps? ShorePoint brings expertise on the programmatic, technology, service, and governance strategies to provide answers tailored to our customer’s needs.

ShorePoint helps our customers navigate through the confusion and misinformation on CDM to build and implement strategies to capitalize on the opportunity afforded through this progressive and innovative program. Applying analytics and context to a comprehensive level of visibility across the enterprise creates a meaningful and flexible cyber protection strategy that improves data security.

Areas of focus within CDM services include:

            • Program Capture
            • Capability Implementation
            • Technology Evaluation and Connection
            • Governance Transformation
            • Organizational Transformation
            • Training
            • Security Data Analytics

            ShorePoint helps organizations implement continuous diagnostics and mitigation programs. We have a deep understanding of the cyber tool landscape relevant to CDM. We also have strong relationships with the best-of-breed technology manufacturers and can provide unique and informed guidance on the best ways to design, implement and integrate these solutions into operational environments – enabling transparency, control and high-performance security programs.